• New “Add Feed” button in the feed list
  • Changed open articles in Safari option to open articles in safari view and the open links in safari instead of safari view option now affects opening articles as well
  • Links opened for the web mode now open in a custom view that shares cookies with the web view mode to allow logging in to web sites. This can be disabled in the expert settings.
  • Expert setting to not dim read, but starred articles
  • Long press the sync button to reset local changes and perform a full sync.
  • Option to sync on server automatically when syncing the app (TT-RSS)
  • Now shows the archived, fresh and published feeds (TT-RSS)


  • Fixed sharing title and url
  • Fixed starred articles appearing as unread (Pocket)
  • Fixed saving animated GIFs from the image viewer
  • Fixed an issue with the top margin in the artcle view
  • No longer grays out starred articles, regardless of read status
  • CMD – W keyboard shortcut while the app is in split view
  • Slightly improved Sync Speed (TT-RSS)