• Automatically tries to restore an action subscription if subscribing failed.
  • New tag {date-long} and {date-short} in custom url actions
  • New tag {date-long} and {date-short} in custom email actions
  • Grouped and cleaned up expert settings
  • Expert Option: Disable parallax scrolling
  • Expert Option: Reducing article motion


  • Improved article image search
  • Improved feed list layout with longer titles
  • Fixed alert views being cut off an smaller devices
  • No longer inverts the feed icon colors (smart invert)
  • Fixed not being able to dismiss safari extension if there is no account
  • Feed order in article list is now case insensitive
  • Now highlights the selected view mode even when the article is opened from the today widget
  • Fixed “you can select a quick share action” being display when long swiping on an article
  • Strips HTML from article title if needed (Today widget)
  • Fixed an issue with line breaks in article view
  • Fixed visual bug in quick share selection
  • Fixed a couple of potential crashes