Imagine Tetris, only instead of rotating the blocks you rotate the entire field. This is the idea I started with for my new game.

Obviously it is way to hard to fill up entire rows without moving the blocks left or right, that is why the matter/antimatter game mechanic was introduced. To detonate blocks and score points you have to rotate the field in a way that matter and antimatter blocks touch (You can distinguish between matter and antimatter block by the color of their border).

Additionally to the Tetris like endless play mode, there is a puzzle and a multiplayer mode in Rotablocks. In the multiplayer mode you play against one other player and every time you detonate a block a fixed block is added to your opponents field. Whoever fills up their field first, looses. And finally there is a puzzle mode in which no new blocks are added, but you have to detonate every existing block on the field.

Rotablocks is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.