Woah? This site looks different now.

I’ve redesigned this site and I’m using the redesign as an opportunity to focus more and to bring all apps up to speed for iOS 7 (half a year late, but still). Unfortunately not all apps are selling well enough to warrant the work I’d have to put into them and so I have to retire some (most of them, really).

Countdown 2 and Clicklytics are no longer for sale as of today.

Countdown 2 was my very first app in the App Store and it has done well, but time has run its course and today the App Store is too crowded for an app that simple to bring in any meaningful revenue.

Clicklytics pretty much failed from the beginning when I realized that not even I really had a use for tracking just clicks. I should have stopped right then and cut my loses, but I’ve fallen for the classic sunken cost fallacy. Still, at least I can hope that I’ve learned from it.

Additionally I’ve removed both of my games, Dualism and Rotablocks from the website. They’re still available in the App Store, for free, but I don’t expect to do much with them anymore. It’s really hard to compete with freemium titles without ruining your own game.

Audious is also available for free – at least until I finish the iOS 7 update (which is probably going to be a new iPhone-only app). This is more a side project though, because there still isn’t any other music player that really works for me.

Dozzzer is already updated for iOS 7 and probably doesn’t need any other new features.

Fiery Feeds is the app I’m going to focus on in the future. I’ve already submitted an update with support for more sync services to Apple and I have quite a few more ideas for future features. Also, an RSS client seems to be a wonderful project to get into Mac Development (no promises, though).

And finally there are a few other ideas I’ve been playing with for a while that I’d like to try. Maybe a few of them will turn into actual apps this year.