File Format

Fiery Feed theme files use a JSON like syntax, in that it is JSON, but also allows comments. The file needs to be UTF8 encoded.

The file name needs to end in .fftheme. All other files will be ignored.

The colors are written down as hex colors and support an optional alpha channel, either in the form of RGB, RRGGBB or RRGGBBAA, with or without the leading ‘#’. Empty strings will be treated as completely transparent. Additionally you can use the System Color Names available in iOS, additionally you can use kColorSystemTintName for the selected system wide color on macOS.

Keys in the theme file

General Colors

kFieryColorsAccentColor Color The accent color. Used for icons in the feeds list and more.
kFieryColorsBackgroundColor Color Background color. Used for list entry backgrounds and more.
kFieryColorsBackgroundAccentColor Color Background accent color. Used in spaces between list entries.
kFieryColorsForegroundColor Color Default text color
kFieryColorsForegroundAccentColor Color Text accent color. Used for article preview text and more.
kFieryColorsWindowBackgroundColor Color App background. Visible as the separator between article and feed list on iPad.
kFieryColorsBlurColor Color Color for full screen blur effects. Use alpha.

Navigation Bar

The navigationbar uses a gradient from top to bottom as a background. In most standard themes the same color with a different alpha value is used.

kFieryColorsNavbarForegroundColor Color Left and right button color
kFieryColorsNavbarGradientTopColor Color Background gradient top color. Use alpha.
kFieryColorsNavbarGradientBottomColor Color Background gradient bottom color. Use alpha.
kFieryColorsNavbarAccentColor Color Color of the line at the bottom of the navigation bar.
kFieryColorsNavbarTitleColor Color Title text color, if applicable.
kFieryColorsNavbarShadowOpacity Float Alpha value of the shadow below the navigation bar.

Notification View

kFieryColorsNotificationBackgroundColor Color Notification overlay background color. Uses blur, so do you alpha.
kFieryColorsNotificationForegroundColor Color Notification overlay text color.

Alert View

kFieryColorsAlertViewBackground Color Background color of alert views. Uses blur, so do you alpha.
kFieryColorsAlertViewForeground Color Text color in alert views.
kFieryColorsAlertViewButtonColor Color Default button color. The highlighted button will use kFieryColorsAccentColor


kFieryColorsToolbarBackgroundColor Color Bottom toolbar background color. Uses blur, so do you alpha.
kFieryColorsToolbarForegroundColor Color Bottom toolbar buttons color
kFieryColorsToolbarShadowOpacity Float Alpha value of the shadow below the bottom toolbar.

Table View Cell

kFieryColorsCellHighlightBackgroundColor Color List entry background color when selected.
kFieryColorsCellHighlightForegroundColor Color List entry text color when selected.
kFieryColorsCellSeparatorColor Color List separator color

Article Cell

Article cell buttons are the buttons, that are revealed when you swipe on an article. This includes the read and quick share gesture.

kFieryColorsCellPreviewTextColor Color Article preview text.
kFieryColorsCellHighlightPreviewTextColor Color Article preview text while selected.
kFieryColorsCellButtonsBackgroundColor Color Default buttons background color.
kFieryColorsCellButtonsForegroundColor Color Default buttons color.
kFieryColorsCellButtonsHighlightBackgroundColor Color Buttons background color, while mark read or quick share is triggered.
kFieryColorsCellButtonsHighlightForegroundColor Color Buttons color, while mark read or quick share is triggered.

Image View

kFieryColorsImageViewBackground Color Background color when viewing an image fullscreen. Background is blurred, use alpha.

Article View

kFieryColorsArticleBackgroundColor Color Article background color.
kFieryColorsArticleBackgroundAccentColor Color Article background accent color. Used for blockquotes, code, …
kFieryColorsArticleTitleColor Color Article title color
kFieryColorsArticleTextColor Color Article text color
kFieryColorsArticleTextAccentColor Color Text accent color. Used for links.

Mac Adjustments

kColorSidebarBackgroundColor Color Special color used only in feedlist.
kFieryColorsHideSidebarHideBars Boolean Use the sidebar color also for tool- and navigationbar in feedlist
kFieryColorsHideSidebarToolbarColor Color Color for buttons only in the sidebar bottom toolbar (only supply if you need a different color in the sidebar)
kFieryColorsHideSidebarNavigationbarColor Color Color for buttons only in the sidebar top toolbar (only supply if you need a different color in the sidebar)

App Settings

kFieryColorsReadArticleAlpha Float Alpha Value of Title, Subtitle and Image of read articles in the article list
kFieryColorsLightStatusbar Boolean Light Statusbar with Navigation bar
kFieryColorsDarkScrollbars Boolean Dark Scroll Bars on all screens
kFieryColorsDarkInterfaceStyle Boolean Use dark interface style for system colors and elements
kFieryColorsBackgroundBlurStyle UIBlurEffectStyleDark
Effect Style of all blur views (Navigation Bar, Toolbar, Background Views)

Sample files

You can download the template file I use for new themes. It contains all keys and comments, but no values. If you want to base your design on an existing theme, you tap and hold any theme in the theme selection in the app to export it to your iCloud Drive.