iOS | macOS

Version 2.3.4

10. Nov 2019

– Added 48hr to mark all read options
– Showing the unread count in the article list and article view are now separate settings
– Added support for the feed:// protocol to subscribe to a new feed
– Changed action extensions to share extensions (since that seems to be more widely supported in other 3rd party apps)
– On demand image loading setting now functional (native view)
– Paragraph context menu setting (native view)
– Now uses a context menu for changing text parsers
– Automatically synchronises main app after subscribing or adding a link in any of the extensions
– Entered URL in feed selection view is now editable

– Fixed downloading text and title for saved articles (Cloud and local read later)
– Fixed updating article font immediately
– Fixed opening sharing action settings
– Fixed password field for sharing extension showing text instead of dots while entering
– Fixed app badge number after launch
– Fixed zooming in native view
– Improved the included themes
– Improved sync with Fever
– Improved performance with many images (native view)
– Fixed an issue with missing line breaks (native view)
– Fixed “Mark articles read” context menu title (hotlinks list)
– Fix for issue with preview images above the article title
– Fixed an issue that would create an invalid OPML for some characters
– Empty screen in read later extension when there are no read later accounts set up
– Added command key to all single key keyboard shortcuts, to work around an issue with entering text

Version 2.3.3

23. Oct 2019

– Switch to native menus for selections in settings
– Increased default size for new windows
– Support for mark tag (Native view)
– Removes empty feeds/folders from list only when switching away
– Added some additional themes to the preinstalled themes
– Added Mac Dark and Mac Light system themes
– Support for the system wide selected tint color in themes
– Enabled toolbar double click to zoom window
– Now uses proper expand buttons in front of folders
– Saves / restores main window size regardless of if restore windows is enabled globally.
– Disabled drag gestures on article and feed list. (They didn’t work properly anyway).
– Manually switching themes now disables automatic theme switch, instead of reseting on the next app launch.
– Added BCC option to email actions
– Delete item and tag item keyboard shortcuts
– Increase/Decrease article text size keyboard shortcuts
– Added subscribe / read later share extensions
– Added toggle dark mode keyboard shortcut
– Now uses the correct link when sharing image (Native view)

– Fixed updating counts in feed list
– Hides the App Icon section in the appearance settings (since it’s not supported yet)
– Fixed “Open In Safari” context menu action in Hotlinks View
– Fixed preview theme colors in article design picker
– iCloud App Settings sync now excludes font sizes
– Fixed crash when moving spacer from or to toolbar
– Empty toolbar in article list and toolbar settings hidden
– Prevented article view to move past the last article with keyboard shortcuts
– Fixed issue where article view would get stuck
– Fixed html in titles (Native view)
– Improved loading speed for very long articles (Native View)
– Improved scrolling performance in article list
– Improved loading state of share extensions
– Fixed an issue importing opml
– Fixed articles per feed in long articles folder
– Fixed first manual theme switch sometimes not working
– Fixed issue where share extension would get stuck
– Improved caching performance in some situations