iOS | macOS

Version 2.5.9

6. November 2021

– Option to have all folders in the feed list open by default
– Theme editor now shows descriptive colors in list

– Potential crash when expanding folders in list
– Space keyboard shortcut now scrolls a full page
– Fixed updating hot links by pulling down
– Improved window resizing performance
– Fixed showing wrong label on pull up footer in article list
– Fixed default selected themes
– Fixed crash on resetting app settings

Version 2.5.8

8. October 2021

– Added {text-selection} to url action tags
– Added {text-selection} to mail action tags

– An issue with date formatting for articles older than 24hrs
– Fixed an issue with mail actions where the subject wouldn’t be set
– Possible fix for missing text in article list

Version 2.5.7

5. October 2021

– Issue where the app may have wrongly asked for an subscription

Version 2.5.6

4. October 2021

– Added “Email App Setttings” option on the about screen
– Added option to attach the article html as file to email templates

– Click in the margins no longer activates links spanning two lines
– Fixed read article/dimmed image alpha in theme editor
– Improved article list performance
– Clipped articles in article list

Version 2.5.4

21. September 2021

– Added option to open links from the in-app webview in external browsers
– Added {author} to url action tokens
– Added quote text alpha to theme properties
– Added option to always display the published time in articles
– Separate sections for iCloud and local accounts when creating a new account

– Toolbar button hover background
– “Preferences” window title
– Fixed layout issue with video previews
– Fixed {url} token when sharing links in an article
– Fixed search for options in settings
– Fixed wrong font in Hot Links
– Improved pre/code rendering
– Minor theme adjustments

Version 2.5.4

10. June 2021

– Added preview image/summary text options to single article widget

– HTTP Auth in TTRSS
– Fixed duplicate articles in tags group
– Using the correct window titles

Version 2.5.2

24. May 2021

– Widgets show actually latest articles
– Fixed opening article from widget on app cold start
– Fixed dimming article header image in dark mode
– Fixed dimming images in article view setting
– Smaller font in single article widgets
– Fixed system light theme
– Fixed downloading texts (Pocket)
– Fixed login while Pocket app is installed
– Fixed video layout in native rendering
– Improved session handling (TTRSS)

Version 2.5.1

14. May 2021

– Expert setting to enable/disable bold titles in the article list
– Option to disable bold link highlights

– Workaround for NextCloud News sync issue
– Fixed double tap navbar to toggle dark mode gesture
– Changing the article text size now disables the “use system font size” setting automatically
– Fixed searches as source for multi article widgets
– Dim Images only in dark mode

Version 2.5

6. May 2021

Notification Center Widgets
– Single Article Widget
– Multi Articles Widget
– Single Account Widget
– Multi Accounts Widget
– Hotlinks Widget

Updated Color Themes
– Completely rewritten dark/light mode
– Option to dim images in dark themes
– New In-App Theme Directory
– Redesigned Theme Picker
– New integrated Theme Editor (macOS 11 +)
– New Default Themes
– Unified Mac & iOS Themes

Updated Font Handling
– Now uses the system text size by default
– Improved font picker in settings
– Added Libertinus Sans and Serif fonts
– Now supports selecting all installed fonts
– Title and subtitle sizes are now relative to the main app font size

Other Changes
– Enabled native rendering by default
– Fixed article count in article view
– Favicon size setting
– Fixed long loading times in web mode

Version 2.4.12

4. Mar 2020

– Option to disable link tooltips
– Added clear cookies menubar entry
– Added update article menubar entry

– Fixed a layout issue with dynamic sizes disabled
– Fixed possible layout issue after rotating the device
– Fixed seemingly getting stuck during “Loading Hotlinks”
– Fixed squished buttons in navigation bar
– Fixed account status not being visual updated after signing in (Pocket, Inoreader, Feedly)

Version 2.4.11

18. Feb 2020

– Added counter to fetching changes (iCloud Feeds / Read Later)

– Fixed an issue causing empty saved searches
– Fixed potential crash related to bionic reading (native rendering)
– Fixed potential crash during syncing

Version 2.4.10

30. Jan 2020

– The full width media setting now also applies to videos (Native Rendering)
– Added fetching changes state message to iCloud accounts

– Fixed potential layout issue in side preview image article list layout
– Fixed article word counts sometimes not appearing after sync
– Fixed hotlinks not being updated on sync in some situations
– Articles grouped by feed are again sorted by feed title
– Improved Table Layout (Native Rendering)

Version 2.4.9

22. Jan 2020

– Reduced minimum height in article list

– Potential layout issue with title only layout
– Fixed feed title sometime not appearing in article list
– Fixed titles being cut off with large font sizes
– Improved add feed / subscribe button
– Fixed save page and subscribe extensions

Version 2.4.8

18. Jan 2020

– Keep all labels available on device, even empty labels (TTRSS)
– Fixed issue reloading feed titles after renaming a feeds (Feedly)
– Fixed today feeds counts

Version 2.4.7

15. Jan 2020

– Expanding the today folder works again
– Changes to the article list layout
– Separate show date / show feed title settings
– Option to exclude feeds from Hot Links
– Using more SF Symbols as icons
– New expert setting “article view overlay”
– Option to completely remove header image from text (native rendering)
– Improved article list performance

– Expanding the today folder works again
– Fixed no feeds displayed when searching read articles
– Fixed saved searches in specific feeds or folder (you may have to re-create those searches)
– Saved searches now also search the author and feed title fields

Version 2.4.6

22. Dec 2020

– Improved log file viewer
– Updated included themes for Big Sur
– Send Feedback now uses third party email apps if possible

– Fixed alert button colors
– Fixed/removed “Expand section” text from cells that can’t actually be expanded (VoiceOver)
– Fixed unstarring articles (NewsBlur)

Version 2.4.5

15. Dec 2020

– Counts not being updated for feeds in special folders like Today
– Fixed issue syncing with the latest version of NextCloud News
– Fixed possible crash when marking articles read
– Fixed Newsblur sync after an API change
– Fixed open in external app dialog

Version 2.4.4

23. Nov 2020

– New App Icon to better fit Big Sur
– Native Rendering: Copy/select paragraph context menu entries
– Native Rendering: Copy title context menu entry on article header
– Removed the “prevent incremental web rendering” expert setting

– Smart searches in iCloud read later accounts
– Removed existing accounts sections from account selection if empty
– Fix for read counts not being updated after “mark all read above/below”

Version 2.4.3

20. Nov 2020

– Global search now also searches feed title and author
– Support for Apple Silicon

– Fixed changing presets
– No longer syncs the hide toolbars on scroll setting from iOS (if importing settings from iCloud)
– Minimum sync interval setting is no longer an expert setting
– Minor performance improvements in feed list
– Fixed duplicate date label in article view
– Fixed “Save page” safari extension
– Fixed potential low res images in image viewer
– Fixed saved searches in specific folders
– Fix for potentially getting stuck downloading Hot Links
– VoiceOver: Removed unnecessary expand button from lists
– VoiceOver: Removed “unread” label from unread articles (but kept “read” for read articles)
– VoiceOver: Removed double actions from feed and article list item actions

Version 2.4.2

5. Nov 2020

– Adjusted design for Big Sur
– No more alerts when trying to open about:blank links in web view
– Better performance while typing in search field
– Minor iCloud changes (Feed / Read Later)
– Search in settings also finds the english settings names (in addition to the localized names)
– Improved article list performance
– Added “Open Articles in Browser” expert setting
– Feeds without any articles show up in the all feed list again
– j and k shortcuts now work regardless of if the article view is already open

Version 2.4.1

28. Sep 2020

– Article context text size is no longer an expert setting
– Add new tags during adding (Wallabag)
– Search field in setting no longer looses focus when typing
– Fixed article counts in feeds in recent articles folder
– Support email now opens default email app
– Change text parser button no longer missing in native view / text mode
– Feeds in streams now show the correct articles (TTRSS, Feedwrangler)
– Fixed new articles notifications
– Allows smaller sidebar widths
– Fixed handling of feed: links from Safari

Version 2.4

30. Jul 2020

New Features
– Fulltext Search & Saved Searches
– Native Rendering is available for the article view as an option

– Option to swipe in feed and folders list to mark all read, or mark all read by date
– Shows selected hotlink’s articles in the list view, if article is opened from feed list directly (only 3 pane mode)
– Action to report a rendering issue in an article
– Searching in settings views
– Filtering in move feeds, tag article views
– Filtering in subscribe and read later extensions
– Left swipe gestures in feed, article and hotlinks lists (on trackpads)
– Add new tags / folders during subscribe / save (depending on service)
– Create/Delete Saved Searches directly in Fiery Feeds [Premium Feature]
– Create/Delete Saved Searches (Feedbin, Inoreader)
– Rename Saved Searches (Feedbin)
– Added “Floating toolbars” setting (Expert)
– Adding new account view is now displayed in a separate window
– Reorganized, and cleaned up settings
– Removed image drop shadow setting
– Remove columns in article view setting
– Fixed issue with selection in feed list, if a feed is visible twice
– Shows assigned tags in the article meta label
– Added small star indicator in meta label
– Tag buttons now shows if any tags are already assigned
– Moved meta label above title in article list, to be consistent with the article view
– Removed automatic settings syncing in favor of manually backups to iCloud
– Cleaned up settings, expert settings (after enabling them) show up in the regular settings view
– Fixed possible invalid limit message (Feed Wrangler)
– Added russian localisation

Version 2.3.14

25. Jun 2020

– Fixed getting stuck while syncing (Inoreader)
– Fixed article list not being updated automatically, even if the setting is enabled
– Fixed your browers is not supported message on twitter (inline web view)
– Improved next/prev account/folder animations
– Fixed sharing custom URL actions
– Less jumping in the article list
– Improved OPML Import

Version 2.3.13

14. Jun 2020

– Added ⌘⇧S shortcut to share the article url only (which enables a different set of actions and apps in the share sheet than sharing url and title)
– Support for attachments in feeds, i.e. podcasts (Local, iCloud)
– Added readability to available parser algorithms
– Added integrated support for Evernote

– Updated mac dark/light theme colors
– Rewritting and migrated support server
– Improved adding new account flow
– Fixed update list button contrast
– Hot Links without extracted content no longer open in Safari directly
– Properly deselects Hot Link on closing article viewer
– Add Link or Subscription is now properly disabled in the menubar, if it’s not supported by the current account
– Waiting for iCloud sync status, if the app is waiting because of an iCloud error (iCloud Read Later, iCloud Feeds)
– Fixed an issue after marking all read if both “Autohide Feed List” and “Show Feedlist after mark read” were enabled
– Context menu to copy feed url from feed selection view during subscribe
– Fixed potential error when syncing account settings
– Workaround for some feeds not linking to articles (iCloud, Local)
– Fix for favicons after importing incomplete OPML files
– Added tags to HTML list exports for pocket
– Cancels sync with error if there’s a required iCloud timeout > 60s
– Fixed an issue with umlauts in image urls
– Fixed an issue downloading articles read elsewhere (Inoreader)
– Added new account button to accounts list
– Fixed export data in settings > backup
– Improved favicon handling

Version 2.3.12

25. Apr 2020

– Limited active searches to the last 100 articles (Inoreader)
– Fixed unread articles in active searches (Inoreader)
– Fixed layout issue with article counter in the article list
– Support for finding reddit rss feeds

Version 2.3.11

18. Apr 2020

– Enabled safari reading list quick action (macOS 10.15.4+)

– Improved link handling when subscribing to a twitter feed (Feedbin, Inoreader)
– Now caches full text before images
– Fixed possible crash while syncing (Fever)
– Improved support for global active searches (Inoreader)
– Fixed article content if the feed only contains a summary (Local, iCloud)
– Fixed not hiding unavailable preview images
– Fixed dark/light mode in share extensions
– Improved vimeo / youtube link detection

Version 2.3.10

10. Apr 2020

– Close image view with esc key
– Shows account title in main window

– Fixed VoiceOver selection in folder selection
– Improved menubar handling
– Fixed an issue fetching the title in read later accounts
– Closes article view after marking all read (three pane mode)
– Fixed an issue causing iCloud feed accounts keeping too many articles on the device
– Better YouTube rss link finding (channel / user pages)
– Better YouTube feed handling (now shows inline video)
– Changed article view mode icon to an rss icon
– Translated save/subscribe extension names
– Translated pre-installed mail and url actions
– Improved Vimeo feed handling
– Improved app translations

Native Rendering
– Native view respects the “enlarge images if possible” setting
– Implemented saving/restoring reading progress for native rendering
– Displays a download button if an image was not loaded because of disabled automatic loading
– Displays a show image button where the header image would have been
– Fixed image alt text showing initially
– Fixed newlines in preformatted text
– Implemented footnote tooltips
– Support for ordered lists
– Improved link detection
– Better link tooltips

Version 2.3.9

9. Mar 2020

– Reopens first account main window, if no other window is available
– Removed the in-app (not the system-wide) read later and subscribe action from share sheets
– Allows three pane mode on smaller iPads in portrait, if autohide sidebar is enabled
– Fix for items not disappearing from the feeds and folders list after marking all read
– Installed themes are now sorted alphabetically
– Fixed a layout issue with the feed list toolbar
– Moved all service conntections to https
– Fixed selection after changing article order
– Fixed crash in subscribe extension
– Fixed sidebar toolbar color

Version 2.3.8

18. Feb 2020

– Support for saving pages to Feedbin
– Support for moving feeds in TTRSS. (Due to API limitations this resets the article counters for the moved feed)
– Links clicked in the web article mode now open in a in-app browser window, so cookies are shared with the article view. (To allow login to paywalled sites)

– Fixed sort order switch in article list showing the wrong selection
– Fixed header image in native view in context menu preview
– Fixed iframes issue with TTRSS
– Fixed tags list/move feed selection (VoiceOver)
– Opening the correct article in two pane mode with keyboard shortcuts
– Increased new window default size
– Moved solarized themes to the theme directory
– Adding new account view is now displayed in a separate window
– Article design now opens in a separate window
– Now uses the correct default browser name for “Open in …” labels
– Fixed quick share button size for some services
– Fixed an issue with marking read on scroll
– Fixed slowing down over time
– Allows to select any file for OPML import
– Improved issues in High Contrast theme
– Removed background color from code elements
– Fixed quick-sharing articles to Instapaper via context menu

Native View
– Paragraphs spacing setting
– Support hyphenation
– Support label tags
– Support tables
– Updated blockquote style
– Better code/preformatted handling
– Better lists/quotes handling
– Fixed a new line issue
– Fixed image sizing issue
– Reduced minium line height

Version 2.3.7

7. Jan 2020

– Context menu action to open article in browser in article list

– Removed Cache on LTE settings
– Fixes for feed:// protocol

Version 2.3.6

5. Jan 2020

Keyboard shortcuts changes
– Updated keyboard shortcuts to automatically show contents (3 Pane mode only)
– Toggle [M]ark read / [S]tarred shortcuts are again single key shortcuts
– Reenabled [J] and [K] for next/previous article
– ⌘1, ⌘2, ⌘3 for starred/unread/all article filters
– ⌘4, ⌘5 for oldest first / newest first
– ⌘⌥↑, ⌘⌥↓ for marking above / below as read
– ⌘⌥1, ⌘⌥2, ⌘⌥3 for article view modes
– ⌘B to toggle Bionic Reading
– ⌘⇧D to toggle sidebar
– [V] to open open current article in browser

– Rename tags in iCloud and local feed accounts
– Added click action setting for feeds and folders list
– Expert setting to completely hide counts in feeds and folders list
– Expert setting to disable delete article confirmation
– You can delete a “feed” from read later service to remove all articles of this domain
– Updated keyboard shortcuts to automatically show contents (3 Pane mode only)

– Opens accounts from menubar in new window
– Edit options in feed list now displayed inline in context menu
– Pull up to mark all read are now separate options for the feed and article list
– “Delete Theme” in context menu in theme selection list
– Read indicator is now clickable to toggle the read status
– Improved keyboard shortcuts
– Improved inline frame load button (native view)
– Context menu and tap actions on header image (native view)

– Fix for slowing interface over time
– Improved article list loading and scrolling performance
– Fixed an issue with high and low frequency folders, if a feed contained articles without published date
– Fixed pull up/down gestures in lists
– Fixed wrong corner radius on images (native view)
– Improved alert button order consistency
– Fixed potential crashes
– Fixed autohide sidebar setting
– Fixed background color in footnote popups
– Removed Read Later / Subscribe action extensions, keeping only the Read Later / Subscribe share extensions.
– Fixed UI issues with extremly large font sizes
– Bazqux now downloads tagged articles if enabled
– Fixed menubar in fullscreen mode
– Added page up/down keyboard commands
– Workaround for horizontal swiping getting stuck between articles
– Fixed initial article filter selection in article list

Version 2.3.5

24. Nov 2019

– Added Spanish localization
– Proper blurred sidebar in Mac Dark and Mac Light themes
– Freely resizable columns in two and three pane mode
– Improved navigation in two pane mode
– Removed “push in single pane” setting to simplify layout
– Option to open links in background
– Updated look of selections in settings
– Standard drop down for marking articles by date
– Now uses proper modal alerts as alerts
– Bionic Reading is now works in native view
– Improved image alt text background (native view, hover)
– Setting to turn off link previews on hover (native view)
– Expert setting: Sharing only the article url
– Next / Previous article now works when opening an article in a new window
– Added image drop shadows to centered images (native view)
– Shorter timeout for app and account settings sync

– Displays a few pixels more of the preview image, if parallax is disabled
– Fixed some text clipping issues in settings headers
– Standard drop down for account Switcher
– Fixed low/high frequency threshold setting step value
– Removed “in app notifications” setting, since it’s not applicable on the mac
– Fixed article dates for some device regions (Feedbin)
– Fixed timing issue when switching between article view modes
– Fixed mark read / starred keyboard shortcut selecting the wrong article

Version 2.3.4

10. Nov 2019

– Added 48hr to mark all read options
– Showing the unread count in the article list and article view are now separate settings
– Added support for the feed:// protocol to subscribe to a new feed
– Changed action extensions to share extensions (since that seems to be more widely supported in other 3rd party apps)
– On demand image loading setting now functional (native view)
– Paragraph context menu setting (native view)
– Now uses a context menu for changing text parsers
– Automatically synchronises main app after subscribing or adding a link in any of the extensions
– Entered URL in feed selection view is now editable

– Fixed downloading text and title for saved articles (Cloud and local read later)
– Fixed updating article font immediately
– Fixed opening sharing action settings
– Fixed password field for sharing extension showing text instead of dots while entering
– Fixed app badge number after launch
– Fixed zooming in native view
– Improved the included themes
– Improved sync with Fever
– Improved performance with many images (native view)
– Fixed an issue with missing line breaks (native view)
– Fixed “Mark articles read” context menu title (hotlinks list)
– Fix for issue with preview images above the article title
– Fixed an issue that would create an invalid OPML for some characters
– Empty screen in read later extension when there are no read later accounts set up
– Added command key to all single key keyboard shortcuts, to work around an issue with entering text

Version 2.3.3

23. Oct 2019

– Switch to native menus for selections in settings
– Increased default size for new windows
– Support for mark tag (Native view)
– Removes empty feeds/folders from list only when switching away
– Added some additional themes to the preinstalled themes
– Added Mac Dark and Mac Light system themes
– Support for the system wide selected tint color in themes
– Enabled toolbar double click to zoom window
– Now uses proper expand buttons in front of folders
– Saves / restores main window size regardless of if restore windows is enabled globally.
– Disabled drag gestures on article and feed list. (They didn’t work properly anyway).
– Manually switching themes now disables automatic theme switch, instead of reseting on the next app launch.
– Added BCC option to email actions
– Delete item and tag item keyboard shortcuts
– Increase/Decrease article text size keyboard shortcuts
– Added subscribe / read later share extensions
– Added toggle dark mode keyboard shortcut
– Now uses the correct link when sharing image (Native view)

– Fixed updating counts in feed list
– Hides the App Icon section in the appearance settings (since it’s not supported yet)
– Fixed “Open In Safari” context menu action in Hotlinks View
– Fixed preview theme colors in article design picker
– iCloud App Settings sync now excludes font sizes
– Fixed crash when moving spacer from or to toolbar
– Empty toolbar in article list and toolbar settings hidden
– Prevented article view to move past the last article with keyboard shortcuts
– Fixed issue where article view would get stuck
– Fixed html in titles (Native view)
– Improved loading speed for very long articles (Native View)
– Improved scrolling performance in article list
– Improved loading state of share extensions
– Fixed an issue importing opml
– Fixed articles per feed in long articles folder
– Fixed first manual theme switch sometimes not working
– Fixed issue where share extension would get stuck
– Improved caching performance in some situations