Alert Sounds

Changing the alert sound

When editing a timer, you can swipe right in the edit view to get to the alert sound option. You can select one of two free sounds, or unlock all 15 sounds.

Alert sounds on Apple Watch

It is not currently possible to use a custom alert sound on the Apple Watch. You can still pick any sound you want, but unless you pick “None” the default alert sound will play on your watch. The selected sound will sync to your other devices though.

Alert sound when phone is silent

It is not possible for 3rd party apps to play notification sounds when the phone is on silent. It will display the notification.

Repeating Timers

By swiping left you can choose to make a repeating timers. You can select the number of repetitions, a pause between each repetition, and an alert sound to be played every time the timer starts again. This is ideal for fitness exercises.

Quick Timers

You can quickly add a new quick timer by long pressing the add button. There are a few differences between quick timers and regular timers.

  • Quick timers are automatically deleted once they’re finished.
  • Quick timers are not synced through iCloud, they stay on the device where they were created.
  • You cannot assign a quick timer a name, instead it’ll always use the total duration as title.
  • Siri Shortcuts are not supported for quick timers.

iCloud Sync

Tidur supports syncing multiple devices through iCloud. You can enable iCloud syncing in the settings.
Your timers (except quick timers) will appear on all your devices, and if you make any change (like starting a timer), this will be transmitted to your other devices automatically.

Watch App

The watch app has a few limitations compared to the iPhone and iPad app.

  • The watch app currently doesn’t have the option to disable cloud sync, instead iCloud sync is always activated.
  • The Apple Watch currently only allows the default sound in notifications for third party apps. This means Tidur will always play the default sound, regardless of the selected alert (it won’t play any sound if “None” is selected as alert).

URL Schemes

You can use the tidur:// URL scheme to manage your timers.

  • tidur://deleteTimer?title=title
  • tidur://restartTimer?title=title
  • tidur://stopTimer?title=title
  • tidur://editTimer?title=title
  • tidur://addTimer?title=title&sec=20&min=20&hr=1&d=1