Multi Timers 2.4 was just released with full support for iOS 10.


The today widget is now adapted to the new design in iOS 10, and you can restart or stop timers right from the widget without launching the app. Additionally you can now launch the app right into editing a timer from the widget.

Support for Siri: Just say “Start ” or “Stop ” to – you guessed it – start or stop a specific timer.

The Apple watch app now supports watchOS 3, and works as a standalone app. You can add, remove and edit all timers right on your watch.

It is possible to create and use custom themes in Fiery Feeds right now. It is a somewhat complicated process, but improvements are already planned for a future release.


You’ll need a text editor to create or edit the theme file and a web server to install1 it. Installation will be improved in a future release.

The theme file

The theme file is a simple JSON File where every value is the hexadecimal representation of a color unless otherwise noted2. You can take a look at the default Light Theme to see how it should look like.

Installing a theme

To install the created theme file you need to upload it to a web server3 and create a link in the form of fiery://addTheme/ and append the URL encoded link to your new theme file. Then simply open the newly created link in Safari on your device to launch Fiery Feeds and install the new theme.

Theme properties

The following shows which values control which elements. Note that all colors other then articleTitleColor and navbarTitleColor default to black if they are not present in the theme file.

Article view


Article list


Feed list




Free Download

Fiery Feeds is now almost exactly 3 years old, and a lot has changed since I released the very first version.

Paid up front is no longer a good fit for the App Store. There are lots of not so great apps, and spending even $5 without being able to test an app first is a hard sell.
On top of that a lot of Fiery Feeds’ competitors are already available for free.

After seeing other apps like Overcast adopt new business models and Apple allowing subscription pricing for all apps, I’ve decided to move Fiery Feeds to a subscription model.
This means Fiery Feeds is now a free app, and you can use it for free as long as you want.

You can download and try Fiery Feeds here.

Premium Features

If you want some extra features you can purchase a Premium subscription from within the free app. These premium features currently include:

  • No ads
  • Feed management
  • Custom URL and email actions
  • Fetching the full article text for truncated feeds

I do expect to add new premium features to the list over time, but the app should be useable without a premium subscription as well.
I do believe the subscriptions are very reasonable priced, especially considering how much work goes into making Fiery Feeds.

In the past 3 years I have released 39 updates for free for every Fiery Feeds user. That is more than an update every month, and subscriptions go a long way in making sure I can continue improving the app.

Existing users

Thank you to everyone who has purchased Fiery Feeds so far, and another thank you to everyone who became a patron.

Here’s what’s going to change for existing users:
Nothing, really. The app you’re using is now called “Fiery Feeds Premium” on the App Store. That’s it. It is still available, and it will continue to be updated.

There are several URL schemes that will launch Fiery Feeds.

Launch App

Just launch Fiery Feeds:


Open Account

Open a specific account:


[account] can be either:

  • 1, 2, 3,… to open the first, second, third account in the account list
  • The name of the account.


Subscribe to a specific URL. If there are multiple accounts, Fiery Feeds will ask which account to use.


[url] is the url encoded url to the feed or to a website (if supported by the service, i.e. Pocket, Instapaper).

Feed Management

Fiery Feeds now includes full feed management giving you the option, to subscribe, unsubscribe from feeds, rename feeds and folders, create or delete folders, moving feeds and updating feeds on the server1.
You can even use the included share extension to subscribe to a site or add it to a read-it-later service from Safari or any other app that supports share extensions.


Today Widget

Version 1.8 also includes a redesigned and updated today widget. You can now switch between accounts in the widget, see preview images and it supports the new show more / less buttons in iOS 10.


Other Improvements

Lots of visual improvements.
The sidebar width can now be changed.
There are now keyboard shortcuts for the article view mode and for scrolling up in an article.
You can share the selected text in an article.
The last selected article view mode is now saved per feed.
Fiery Feeds now downloads starred articles, even if they are already read, if keeping starred articles is enabled.