OPML Import and Export

  • It’s now possible to import and export opml files for all accounts
  • OPML Files can be opened directly from Finder
  • Importing OPML Files now displays the progress


  • Article notifications now include the preview image
  • Article notifications can now be grouped by feeds
  • Increased limit to max 100 notificaitons per sync
  • Reads in-app notifications aloud if voiceover is active
  • Mark read or star an article directly for the notification
  • Option to get regular reminders for random articles

Sharing Options

  • Clearer options what’s being shared (url, title, text, image)
  • Clearer options what’s being dragged (url, title, text, image)

Article Sorting

  • Sort articles by title or random
  • Combined group by feed and sort order buttons in article list toolbar

App Settings

  • Import/export app settings & accounts to json files
  • Dropped support for saving/loading app settings to iCloud

iCloud Syncing Changes

  • Only one feed account per iCloud account
  • Only one read later account per iCloud account
  • Reduced support for feed/read accounts to a single account each per iCloud account
  • No need to import the same account to sync, just add a new iCloud feed or read later account on other devices
  • Option to disable feed updates and only download whats new in iCloud (iCloud Feeds)
  • No longer lists the accounts from other devices to import

Other Changes

  • Added separate grouped background to themes
  • Theme files can now be opened directly from Finder
  • Also clears Safari View cookies on clear cookies command
  • Fixed some incorrect menu titles
  • Improved feed list selection logic
  • Improved article list scroll performance
  • Removed the feed/article limit in the free version
  • Added option to clear the app wide caches
  • Fixed double title in sharing elements
  • Fixed fallback colors after deleting the selected theme
  • Changed mark all read keyboard command to cmd+shift+m
  • When deleting or adding an account, the changes are reflected in the main window immediately
  • Fixed installing themes via url scheme
  • Fixed missing items menu [macOS]
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts preview list (long press cmd) [iOS]