• Support for iOS 13
  • Support for multiple windows
  • Tap and hold timers for context menus
  • Standalone Watch App
  • Requires watchOS 6.0 and iOS 13.0
  • Dark / Light theme now follows the system theme
  • Configurable Siri Shortcuts (Start, stop, pause or create timers in your shortcuts)
  • Add Timer Button in the today widget
  • You can now reorder timers by dragging them in the list
  • Restart button in front of timer for quick access (in landscape and on iPad)


  • Removed delete and extra dismiss action from notifications
  • Improved watch app layout, now requiring fewer forces touches and menus
  • The light theme toggle can now be found in the settings, and only if the app is unlocked
  • Moved restart button in front of the timer for quicker access
  • Much faster and more reliable cloud sync
  • Fixed editing timer name inline