• Expert option to always keep the header image in the article text
  • Option to automatically hide/show the feed list in 3 pane mode
  • Option for a custom server address (Newsblur)


  • Improved FeedHQ sync speed
  • Fixed a potential app freeze during sync
  • Fixed an issue with non english characters in urls (web view mode)
  • FIxed a potential app freeze after opening an article from the today widget
  • Fixed a crash when saving photos in web mode
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate articles, if the article view was opened directly from the feeds and folders list
  • Fixed an issue with assigning new tags or removing tags (Feedly)
  • Fixed an issue with assigning tags (TTRSS)
  • Slightly decreased vertical spacing between elements
  • Slighly decreased the minimum vertical article size
  • Improved popover target when using a large article list style
  • Displays the list of unlocked premium features in the active subscription view
  • Fixed issues exporting OPML files