• “Next article” option for double tap action in article view
  • Added support for must read smart folder (Pocket)
  • Dropped support for article tags in favor for labels (TT-RSS)
  • Downloads full text for all articles regardless of feed if caching full text is enabled (Pinboard)
  • Option to mark articles as private when saving to Pinboard


  • Fixed potential issue with word counts (wallabag)
  • Added shortcuts icon for custom url actions to the shortcuts app
  • No longer shows the (empty) special and label folders (TT-RSS)
  • Toggle text and toggle web mode double tap actions now remember the previous view mode
  • Fixed an issue where opening an article could take longer than expected
  • Fixed images not appearing in articles (Pocket)
  • Improved dragging cached images to YoinkApp
  • Improved pushing changes to server (Inoreader)
  • Fixed disabling downloading of hot link contents
  • Fixed toolbar disappearing with no feeds