• Reorderable toolbar icons for article view (in account settings > article view)
  • Option to disable checking existing articles, if the extracted text needs to be downloaded
  • Option to cycle through all view modes with double tap in article view
  • You can double tap your Apple Pencil 2 instead of the article view
  • Header Image Size Option


  • More reliable word counts
  • Workaround for malformated article titles
  • Fixed adding links using the plus button (Instapaper, Pocket, Wallabag)
  • Fixed adding links using the swipe menu in feed list (Instapaper, Pocket, Wallabag)
  • Fixed the switched around lables for long and short articles in the account settings
  • Improved handling of instapaper text parser errors
  • Hide “www” from titles in read-it-later services
  • Fixed statusbar not appearing again after dismissing article view
  • Fixed “update list” button not appearing in some situations
  • Improved long pressing in articles (especially header images)
  • Improved caching in preview images
  • Support for popups in web mode (since some websites insist on opening some links in popups, can be enabled in the expert settings)