• Show the image caption / alt text in the image viewer
  • Support for Smart Invert (accessibility option)
  • Option to disable Sparks (Fever)


  • Hides preview image if the preview image failed to load (full width previews)
  • Tapping an article notification now opens the article
  • Fixed footnote popups being cut of at the sides
  • Fixed footnote popup color issue in dark themes
  • Updates the feed list immediately on disabling/enabling smart views
  • Fixed URL actions with old {callback} and {source} tags
  • Enforce a bit of space between images and text in the article view
  • Placeholder feed icon in the article list now uses the correct color
  • Correct highlight color for the article count in the article list
  • Fixed alert popup background colors (Reduced transparency, dark theme)
  • Fixed not scrolling when navigating in the article list using the keyboard
  • Fixed potential crash when navigating through articles using the keyboard
  • Improved Hot Links