Fiery Feeds 2.8 is the first feature update of 2023, and it brings a lot of syncing improvements for FreshRSS (which now supports feed management), Feedbin (where saved articles are now properly in their own smart folder, group by domain) and NewsBlur (which now allows moving feeds to other folders), but the biggest “finally” feature is per-feed and per-folder settings.

The per-feed settings UI exposes the article view mode, and extraction settings, which have already been per-feed settings automatically up to now, but without explicit settings UI. The most interesting new settings are the options to only keep a specific number of articles unread per-feed, and to enable or disable notifications for articles for individual feeds.

There are separate screens for per-feed and per-folder settings, and you can either edit the per-folder settings, or open the per-feed settings for a folder – which modifies the settings for all feeds in the folder.

One more possibility that wasn’t even planned – but it’s nice when two features work well together – is, you can create a saved search for keywords you don’t care about, and set the “Keep at most this many articles read” to 0, which automatically marks all articles that match the keyword read. (I still plan to have a better solution for this, once the advanced saved searches are implemented).