Per Feed Settings

  • Option to disable preview images per feed
  • Option to disable article notifications per feed
  • Option to keep only the last number of articles unread per feed
  • Automatically mark older articles as read
  • Per feed number of preview lines
  • Per feed number of title lines
  • Can be applied to all feeds within a folder at once
  • Disable caching text or images per feed
  • Option to exclude feed from smart folders
  • Option to hide feeds from everywhere expect searches and hot links
  • Username/password for protected feeds (iCloud and local feeds)

Per Folder Settings

  • You can set a different article sort order for specific folders
  • Option to hide the unread count on specific folders

Sync Improvements

  • Saved articles are now sorted by domain in a special folder (Feedbin)
  • Better handling of articles from unsubscribed feeds (Inoreader, Feedly)
  • Added support for feed management (FreshRSS)
  • Added support for tagged articles (FreshRSS)
  • Uncategorized feeds are now displayed top level (FreshRSS)
  • Fixed issue with feeds not in the main feed (FreshRSS)
  • Switched to API token for authentification (Pinboard)
  • Added support for moving feeds (NewsBlur)
  • Loading preview images from server (NewsBlur)

Other Changes

  • Added setting for line height in article list
  • New small top button in context menus [iOS 16+]
  • Selections in settings now use standard menus [iOS]
  • New Hidden Feeds smart folder for all feed accounts
  • Exporting account settings now includes saved searches
  • Fixed issue where it may have been possible to select multiple folders for a feed, despite the service not supporting it
  • Updated presentation style for article style, article sorting and accounts list
  • Must read smart folder now uses the localized name, in addition to “must read”
  • Fixed opening the wrong article in a new window
  • Moved new account option to app settings
  • Added a button to nuke iCloud accounts
  • Updated export settings view