Soundscape Favorites

  • Select your favorite soundscapes in a short list to find them quicker
  • Your favorites are also used for the long press menu on the app icon

Bedtime Reminders

  • Get daily reminders when to go to be
  • Immediately start a soundscape on tapping the notification
  • Your favorite soundscapes are offered in the long press menu

Soundscape Widgets

  • Add shortcuts to quickly play soundscapes right to your homescreen
  • Add them to your lock screen (especially when you use a specific lockscreen with Sleep Focus)

File Playback

  • Music mode is now called Music + Files
  • In addition to unprotected music from the, you can import audio files from the

Also new

  • Added x-callback-url schemes to directly launch a specific soundscape, external or music mode
  • Option to enable rotation lock (iPhone)
  • Now playing view in list
  • Now requires iOS 15+