I’m proud to announce that I’m bringing two more of my apps to the iPad. These updates are of course free for everyone who bought the iPhone app already. Thank you for your support, I couldn’t have done this without you!
Audious Universal
The first update is for my music player replacement app Audious. The iPad interface feels just like the iPhone app, helping you discover long forgotten songs in your music library with it’s gorgeous interface and large cover art. The larger interface plays it’s strength when displaying play queue, play view and library one a single screen. Plus: New in this update is full iTunes Match support. You can turn it on in the settings; Otherwise Audious will only display songs available locally. You can find the update on the iOS App Store.
Dozzer Universal
The second app is the Apple featured app Dozzzer, that let’s you drift asleep to your favorite tunes – now even better with the iPad’s larger speakers. You can get it on the iOS App Store as well.