I take your privacy very seriously. There are not targeted ads, and I do not sell your information.

Your login information (to third party services) is saved only on your device. It is only used for authentication with your used sync services and your used third-party services.

iCloud Sync

Some account related information (including settings, feed settings and feed ids/urls, but no login credentials) might be uploaded to iCloud servers, if you choose to use iCloud sync for settings.
Your complete feeds, folders, tags and articles are uploaded to iCloud servers if you use an iCloud based sync account. iCloud is a service provided by Apple, and the data upload can only be access by you and Apple, but not by me.

Third party information

Some of the third party services may require you to register for an account. When syncing with a third party service, they also have a copy of your data. None of this information is collected by me.

Automatically collected information

The app collects some information, like crashlogs, operating system version or device type using a third party service.

Privacy Policy Changes

If there are any changes to the privacy policy, this page will be updated. This policy was last modified on 26/05/2019.

If there are any questions, you can contact me at support@cocoacake.net