Version 4.3.1


  • Resetting sync database possible on Apple Watch


  • Improved iCloud Sync on Apple Watch
  • Fixed expanding today widget
  • Fixed hiding finished timers in today widget

Version 4.3


  • Support for iOS 13
  • Support for multiple windows
  • Tap and hold timers for context menus
  • Standalone Watch App
  • Requires watchOS 6.0 and iOS 13.0
  • Dark / Light theme now follows the system theme
  • Configurable Siri Shortcuts (Start, stop, pause or create timers in your shortcuts)
  • Add Timer Button in the today widget
  • You can now reorder timers by dragging them in the list
  • Restart button in front of timer for quick access (in landscape and on iPad)


  • Removed delete and extra dismiss action from notifications
  • Improved watch app layout, now requiring fewer forces touches and menus
  • The light theme toggle can now be found in the settings, and only if the app is unlocked
  • Moved restart button in front of the timer for quicker access
  • Much faster and more reliable cloud sync
  • Fixed editing timer name inline

Version 4.2


  • Support for complications on Apple Watch


  • User guide link in settings when already pro user
  • Tap and hold to add quick timer message is now hidden after trying to add a quick timer for non-pro users as well
  • You no longer need to save, changes to timers are applied immediately
  • Fixed crash when creating a new timer on Apple Watch
  • Moved Siri shortcuts to the more options

Version 4.1


  • Redesigned settings view
  • Quick timers: Long press the add icon to quickly add a single use timer
  • You can now find a user guide in the settings


  • Fixed issue with selected notification sounds
  • Fixed crash when starting to edit a timer from the today widget
  • Fixed timer shortcuts not working in shortcuts app
  • Fixed timer sort order
  • Improved Siri shortcut suggestions

Version 4.0

  • Switch syncing to Apple’s CloudKit
  • Cloud Syncing is now included for everyone, for free
  • Support for Siri Shortcuts
  • German Localisation
  • Minor Interface Improvements

Version 3.2.1

  • Removed all ads in free version

Version 3.2

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Tidur Pro purchases from completing. Tidur Pro would be locked again after restart, since no purchase actually happened.
  • Fixed bug where timer alarm and color would reset when editing them (Apple Watch)
  • Added an option for a second alarm sound when a repeating timer restarts
  • Fix possible data error editing timers while offline with enabled cloud sync
  • Added Haptic Feedback
  • Support for iPhone X

Version 3.1.1

  • Support for iPhone X
  • Fixed bug where the timer title would reset when editing the timer
  • Fixed no notifications, when a timer was started from the notification widget
  • Updated URL schemes to use tidur:// instead of multitimers://

Version 3.1

  • Cloud Sync on iOS Devices
  • Cloud Sync on Apple Watch

  • Improved Purchase Screen

  • Fixed bouncy scrolling
  • Fixed light theme reseting on launch
  • Displays number of repetions on watch app
  • Fixed hiding finished timers in widget

Version 3.0

  • Redesigned and polished every inch of the user interface.
  • Multi Timers is now called Tidur – which is Swedish for timers.

  • New: You can pause timers

  • New: Repeating Timers: Set a number of repeatitions and a pause between each interval.
  • New: You can now toggle between a light and a dark theme.
  • New: New Color Purple for Timers
  • New: 13 additional new alert sounds available

  • Fixed wrong alert sound whenn starting a timer from the today widget

  • You can now also change the alarm sound in the watch app. (The watch app stil only supports the default sound, but this is in preparation for cloud sync.)

Version 2.4

  • New: Start existing timers using Siri
  • New: Option to keep the display awake
  • New: Updated widget for iOS 10
  • New: Displays the total duration
  • New: Launch into editing a timer from the widget
  • New: Widget no longer needs to launch the app to start, stop or delete a timer
  • New: URL Scheme multitimers://editTimer?title
  • Changed: Bolder fonts
  • Changed: Slightly better notifications
  • Changed: Requires iOS 10
  • Changed: Renamed app on device to “Timers”
  • Fixed: Layout problem when rotating the device

Version 2.3.1

  • New: Index parameter in URL schemes
  • Fixed: x-callback-url as host working

Version 2.3

  • New: Hides the today widget if no timers are available
  • New: Support for x-callback-urls
  • New: Set alert tone when adding a timer via url scheme
  • New: Full voiceover support
  • New: A longer alert sound
  • New: The delete timer button now stops the timer if it’s running, deletes it otherwise
  • Fixed: Today widget is now more reliable

Version 2.2

  • New: Apple Watch App
  • New: Redesigned the edit timer view
  • New: Two new alarm sound options
  • Fixed: Updates the today widget correctly
  • Fixed: Alarms loosing alert sound on restart
  • Fixed: Alarm sound playing while the app is running

Version 2.1

  • New: Support for 3D Touch
  • New: Edit an existing timer
  • New: Select number of days for a timer
  • New: Today Widget and settings in the
  • New: URL Scheme multitimers://addTimer?title&sec&min&hr&d
  • New: URL Scheme multitimers://restartTimer?title
  • New: URL Scheme multitimers://deleteTimer?title
  • Fixed a couple of bugs

Version 2

  • Completely redesigned and rewritten in Swift
  • New: Support for iOS 9
  • New: Support for Slide Over and Split Screen
  • New: Actionable notifications
  • New: Titles for timers