TL/DR I’m moving everything to my primary home on the internet, You can subscribed to the new RSS feed, follow me on Twitter or – preferably – on Mastodon for any updates on my apps from now on.

The name Cocoacake came originally from Cocoa/CocoaTouch, what used to be the UI frameworks for Mac OS and iPhoneOS a long time ago. Apple has since stopped calling them that, and instead refers to them only as AppKit/UIKit, and I haven’t even started on SwiftUI yet. Safe to say the name Cocoacake feels a bit dated now.

I built this website and design back in 2012, over a decade ago, and while I honestly think it didn’t age badly, it’s probably time to give it a little glow-up, and get a fresher look for the landing pages for my apps. Back then, I felt that I should separate my “business” side from my “personal” side, just in case. But ultimately, this is never going to grow beyond just me making apps, and ten years on, I can say with certainty that I don’t want it to.

I’ve setup my new pages on, a domain I’ve owned way longer than, but never had much on it. I have shiny new landing pages, a shiny new blog, I’m cleaning up the User Guide pages for all three apps.

I’ll keep this blog up as is for the foreseeable future, but I’m no longer going to update it.


  • Less movement with preview images above/below articles
  • Fixed folder settings not being set properly
  • Fixed issue with getting stuck in vertical split view, on iPads, in portrait [iOS]
  • Allow new 3 column layout also in portrait, but default to the old 2 column for portrait [iOS]
  • Changed the app icon on the About screen to the new default
  • Match title font weight with system [macOS]

Vertical Split View

Thanks to @viticci‘s idea, I added a new vertical Split View on iPhone, iPad and macOS. I actually had the vertical Split View on my AppKit prototype – which went nowhere – back in the day, but I’ve completely forgotten about it since. But I’m using in the same layout, and my RSS Reader before Fiery Feeds too, so I figured I have to add this.

Additionally, I’ve dropped my custom horizontal Split View implementations, in favour of the native UISplitView, because it has since learned to support the three column view too – which is why I had to do a custom version in the first place. You may notice a slightly different behaviour in the labouring now because of this.

The switch to the native Split View was previously planned for the 3.0 redesign, but I’m thinking more and more that there might not be a 3.0 soon, or least as a much, much smaller update. Shipping changes like this in smaller updates is just so much faster.

New App Icons

Second thing in this update are new icons and a new default icon – also originally planned for 3.0. There’s now a dark and a light version of each icon, and additional versions in purple, red and green. It always felt a bit arbitrary to have the icons just in blue, orange and black.

You can download the update here.

Vertical Split View:

  • See article list and article view at the same time, even on iPhones
  • Option to have the article view above or below
  • Option to only use it in portrait

Alternate App Icons:

  • Separate rows in the icon picker for dark and light icons
  • Updated News (Red Inverted) to match the other icons
  • Changed the default icon to the blue news icon
  • Added purple, green and red variants of all icons
  • Added Wordy style of app icons

Other Changes:

  • Updated drop down look
  • Smaller table headers
  • Fixed potential crash when web rendering
  • Fixed empty view after rotating (single pane layout)
  • Added option to disable analytics, crash reporting
  • Fixed an issue renaming folders in local account
  • Improved opening articles from widgets
  • Fixed back button in empty view
  • Fixed an issue with tagging in Feedly
  • Improved French translations
  • Improved scrolling with full width previews
  • Fixed an issue with images in widgets
  • Fixed an issue updating widgets
  • Changed article sort defaults
  • Three Pane layout can now also go full screen
  • Feed settings in context menu on folders
  • Dropped presets for article list
  • Cleaned up main app settings list
  • Blurry sidebar background in themes with sidebar mode on [macOS]
  • Dropped support for single pane mode [macOS]
  • Reverted to WebKit rendering as default [macOS]
  • Settings view now shows current title [macOS]
  • Enabled a few more animations in the app [macOS]


  • Unlock section in settings for legacy users
  • Removed configuration label from smaller quick timer widget
  • Fixed quick timer widget action for free users
  • Fixed quick timer widget configuration
  • Fixed “Next Timer” complication on Watch


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Possible crash with time slider


  • Quick Timer widget
  • Improved time formatting


  • Potential crashes
  • Improved caching images
  • Fixed issue with scroll performance
  • Fixed issue in german translations
  • Fixed text parser selection in feed settings


  • Added zoom effect to volume slider
  • Sorts music alphabetically on import
  • Allowed full duration for free users


  • volume slider corner radius


  • Added “Default Mixed” theme
  • Improved French translation


  • Potential crashes
  • Page up/down now scrolls the right most filled pane
  • Improved downloading of preview images
  • Fixed Fresh feed in TTRSS
  • Fixed FreshRSS HTTP authentification
  • Tweaked included themes
  • Improved Feedly sync


  • Possible crashes
  • Translated widgets


  • Time Slider staying disabled, when switching from soundscapes, and endless soundscape enabled
  • Blocks scrolling main view in volume and time sliders
  • Section headings in settings
  • Fixed potential crashes


  • Syncing articles with only summary, but no content with Feedly
  • Save button in settings behaviour when adding account after the first
  • Potential fix for feed list not being updated after sync on launch


  • Added view explaining the notification permission on first launch


  • Fixed a potential crash
  • FreshRSS server URL is now also accepted if it includes api/greader.php
  • Fixed an issues causing exceptions during sync (Feedly)
  • Analyzes Hot Links on first sync with newly added accounts
  • Much improved NextCloud News syncing

Soundscape Favorites

  • Select your favorite soundscapes in a short list to find them quicker
  • Your favorites are also used for the long press menu on the app icon

Bedtime Reminders

  • Get daily reminders when to go to be
  • Immediately start a soundscape on tapping the notification
  • Your favorite soundscapes are offered in the long press menu

Soundscape Widgets

  • Add shortcuts to quickly play soundscapes right to your homescreen
  • Add them to your lock screen (especially when you use a specific lockscreen with Sleep Focus)

File Playback

  • Music mode is now called Music + Files
  • In addition to unprotected music from the, you can import audio files from the

Also new

  • Added x-callback-url schemes to directly launch a specific soundscape, external or music mode
  • Option to enable rotation lock (iPhone)
  • Now playing view in list
  • Now requires iOS 15+


  • Fixed crash on loading images
  • Fixed crash in Hot Links list
  • Fixed some layout issues
  • Fixed “Loading…” labels
  • Fixed an issue loading preview images
  • Improved article list performance with preview images above or below
  • Improved Inoreader sync performance
  • Fixed incorrect widget colors

Per Feed Settings

  • Option to disable preview images per feed
  • Option to disable article notifications per feed
  • Option to keep only the last number of articles unread per feed
  • Automatically mark older articles as read
  • Per feed number of preview lines
  • Per feed number of title lines
  • Can be applied to all feeds within a folder at once
  • Disable caching text or images per feed
  • Option to exclude feed from smart folders
  • Option to hide feeds from everywhere expect searches and hot links
  • Username/password for protected feeds (iCloud and local feeds)

Per Folder Settings

  • You can set a different article sort order for specific folders
  • Option to hide the unread count on specific folders

Sync Improvements

  • Saved articles are now sorted by domain in a special folder (Feedbin)
  • Better handling of articles from unsubscribed feeds (Inoreader, Feedly)
  • Added support for feed management (FreshRSS)
  • Added support for tagged articles (FreshRSS)
  • Uncategorized feeds are now displayed top level (FreshRSS)
  • Fixed issue with feeds not in the main feed (FreshRSS)
  • Switched to API token for authentification (Pinboard)
  • Added support for moving feeds (NewsBlur)
  • Loading preview images from server (NewsBlur)

Other Changes

  • Added setting for line height in article list
  • New small top button in context menus [iOS 16+]
  • Selections in settings now use standard menus [iOS]
  • New Hidden Feeds smart folder for all feed accounts
  • Exporting account settings now includes saved searches
  • Fixed issue where it may have been possible to select multiple folders for a feed, despite the service not supporting it
  • Updated presentation style for article style, article sorting and accounts list
  • Must read smart folder now uses the localized name, in addition to “must read”
  • Fixed opening the wrong article in a new window
  • Moved new account option to app settings
  • Added a button to nuke iCloud accounts
  • Updated export settings view

Fiery Feeds 2.8 is the first feature update of 2023, and it brings a lot of syncing improvements for FreshRSS (which now supports feed management), Feedbin (where saved articles are now properly in their own smart folder, group by domain) and NewsBlur (which now allows moving feeds to other folders), but the biggest “finally” feature is per-feed and per-folder settings.

The per-feed settings UI exposes the article view mode, and extraction settings, which have already been per-feed settings automatically up to now, but without explicit settings UI. The most interesting new settings are the options to only keep a specific number of articles unread per-feed, and to enable or disable notifications for articles for individual feeds.

There are separate screens for per-feed and per-folder settings, and you can either edit the per-folder settings, or open the per-feed settings for a folder – which modifies the settings for all feeds in the folder.

One more possibility that wasn’t even planned – but it’s nice when two features work well together – is, you can create a saved search for keywords you don’t care about, and set the “Keep at most this many articles read” to 0, which automatically marks all articles that match the keyword read. (I still plan to have a better solution for this, once the advanced saved searches are implemented).

– Fixed potential crashes
– Line height defaults to 1.0 now
– Removed note about mobile password from BazQux login screen
– Added fallback logic for expired auth tokens in share extension (Wallabag, The Old Reader, Feedly)
– Fixed wrong “no articles” in widgets


  • Added Castro to list of apps
  • Soundscapes suggestions note is now dismissable
  • Restores the last selected volume on launch


  • Layout issue when launching to a scrollable view
  • Fixed playing indicator if you hit play in soundscapes without specifically selecting a soundscape
  • Improved stopping external music


  • Added article filters to article list toolbar by default


  • Widgets sometime displaying upgrade to pro incorrectly
  • Fixed potential for changes to getting stuck pushing to server (NextCloud)
  • Fixed missing translations in account settings
  • Fixed issue with mark all read / load more button
  • Fixed window position restoration [macOS]


  • Added left/right buttons in edit view [iOS]
  • Page dots in edit view now tappable [iOS]


  • Improved live activity layout [iOS]
  • Improved edit timer layout [macOS]


  • Dark mode resetting after relaunch (follow system disabled)
  • Fixed a case of empty preview images if load images on demand was disabled
  • Fixed a case of empty preview images if downloading the image failed
  • Increased the network timeout when loading preview images on demand


  • Added arabic interface language
  • Uncategorized Feeds are now displayed at top level (Feedly)


  • Improved translations
  • Translated more strings
  • Theme handling when manually toggling dark theme is enabled, but follow system is disabled
  • Manually toggle theme menu entry now disabled, if not avaiable [macOS]
  • Manually toggling dark mode now applies to all open windows [macOS]
  • Fixed an issue with preview images when “download on demand” was disabled
  • Fixed feed selection in edit folder view
  • Fixed issue with mark all read / load more button
  • Improved loading of preview images
  • Fixed searchbar layout issues


  • Arabic translations
  • Other apps entry in settings


  • Improved translations
  • Fixed double notification sound while app is open
  • Moved the confirm alert switch down if pro is unlocked
  • Quick timer intent has now minutes instead of seconds as input


  • Added italian, japanese, korean, polish, portoguese translations


  • Missing translations for a couple of settings
  • Fixed creating double saved searches in iCloud feeds
  • Feed list is now immediately updated after changes
  • Fixed Edit Folder > Feed selection


  • Added App Shortcuts for Siri and Shortcuts
  • Added alert confirmations (repeats every 5 seconds until tapped)


  • “Starting again” alerts are now also time sensitive for repeating alerts
  • Removed non-updating progress bar from Live Activity
  • Notifications work when triggered from shortcuts
  • Improved translations


  • Modal settings view
  • Endless mode for soundscapes
  • Added soundscapes: Sleeping Dog, Purring Cat, Cicadas, Habor Seagulls


  • Scrolling in soundscapes list


  • Added Relaxing Piano, Asian Gymnopedie, Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer, Rain in the City soundscapes
  • All soundscapes have now cover artwork
  • Now unlocks 5 random soundscapes every day


  • Unlocked free soundscapes
  • Default play duration
  • Fixed music playlist layout


  • Space shortcuts scroll distance is now configurable
  • Widgets have the option to launch the app instead of opening the article
  • “Use In App Safari” setting now swaps the o and v hotkeys if disabled
  • Added quickshare button to default article toolbar items on iPads
  • Improved article list scroll performance
  • Added filter in theme directory


  • Fixed disappearing preview images in article list
  • Fixed pull down to refresh in all articles (NextCloud)
  • Fixed flickering article counts in feed list
  • Properly hides preview image area, if it can’t load the preview image
  • Issue removing feeds from a folder
  • Fixed jumping sidebar button


  • Unlocks two random soundscapes every day for free users
  • Added soundscape water bubbles
  • Added soundscape small boat


  • Missing space in timer progress label
  • Missing “days” label in duration picker
  • Improved duration input layout [macOS]


  • Added crowded beach soundscape
  • Added coffee shop soundscape
  • Added wind chimes soundscape
  • Added link to changelog in settings
  • Fixed title color in subscription status screen
  • Added support for more languages


  • Fixed layout issue in mode switcher


  • Additional languages supported
  • Improved time picker layout


  • Fixed missing translations for sound names


  • Live Activities for multiple timers [iPhone]
  • Duplicate live activities for the same timer [iPhone]


  • Added unsubscribe directly in context menu for feeds
  • Added vim style h and l shortcuts to navigate left/right
  • Added shortcut o to open article in external browser
  • Detects rss links when entering Mastodon profil urls


  • Correct background color in edit feed/folder/tag views
  • Fixed feed sometime being subscribed multiple times from share extension
  • Fixed some folders not being displayed as selected in the edit feed view
  • Strip HTML from titles in widgets
  • Increased article summary length in list
  • Layouting bug with microblog titles
  • Updated link to changelog
  • Improved German localization
  • Preferences are now called settings on macOS too
  • Fixed potentially showing upgrade reminder to pro users
  • Fixed stepper color in settings


  • Timer may now show up on the Siri watch face [watchOS]
  • Timers can now be found and started from Spotlight search
  • Suppport for live activities [iOS]


  • Dismiss keyboard on enter when editing title [iOS]

This my my fifth annual roadmap blog posts. Time really flys. You can find the last year’s post here.

Year in Review

This year is was not only working on Fiery Feeds, but I also tried to bring my other two, somewhat neglected, apps back up to speed. You can see a complete list of all recent updates on the new changelogs page.

All in all, I shipped 7 feature updates, and 31 updates in total across all three apps.

Fiery Feeds

Fiery Feeds is still my primary focus, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. There’s also going to be an anniversary this year, Fiery Feeds 1.0 on the 10. Oct 2013, almost a decade ago. I would have never though I’d still be working on this app ten years later, but here we are. On to the next decade.

New Feed Management

Likely the biggest feature this year was the entirely re-written subscribe flow and Safari extension, and the all around much faster feed management.

Merged iCloud Accounts

Second biggest change, even if not all that exciting, is the updated iCloud sync for feed and read later accounts. Fiery Feeds dropped support for multiple accounts of the same type within the same iCloud account, and the update had to merge any existing accounts into the new container. This worked quite smoothly, and lays the groundwork for the next performance improvements for iCloud sync.

Shared Subscription

The paid-up-front Fiery Feeds for macOS app is more. I only sold it as a standalone app, because in the first 6 months of Catalyst the App, when it was released, the App Store did not support shared subscriptions between iOS and macOS apps. The switch to a shared subscription needed to be done at some point, and with this out of the way, I’ll be able to focus on feature again.

Lock Screen Widgets

Naturally Fiery Feeds supports the new lockscreen widgets in iOS 16 as well. You can show an article (latest or random, and it changes every couple of minutes), or the unread count of an account of your choice. Either in the slot above or below the time.

Upgraded Notifications

I also upgraded the article notifications. Better included actions, grouped by feed and a complete preview of the article when you view the details, powered by the native rendering engine. Some of the actions, like marking articles read or starred should even work when mirroring the notifications to your Apple watch (for those who keep asking me about an Apple Watch app).

Tidur Timers

The multi timer app Tidur Timers also switched to a shared subscription between the iOS and macOS version. I’ve re-written large parts of the iCloud syncing code, which should work now reliable between iOS, macOS and watchOS.

New Widgets

With the limited things allowed to do in homescreen widgets, it was quite a challenge, but I’ve added widget for the next active timers or specific timers, The same widgets are also available for the lockscreen on iOS 16.


I’ve moved my oldest app, Dozzzer, also to a subscription model. After almost 3 years not working on it, I can finally say it’s in active development again and all known bugs are fixed. It’s maybe more nostalgia to keep Dozzzer alive, it was my first successful app, and my first app being featured by Apple, almost 12 years ago.

Dark Mode

Being an app for drifting of to sleep, it always had a pretty dark interface, but I’ve added another extra dark mode, when the system dark mode is enabled.


Slight tweaks to all the existing soundscapes, plus the new soundscapes for brown noise, Mountain Creek, Rainy Undergrowth, Lush Forrest, Hawaian Waves and Stormy Cliffs. (I like fanciful names)

External App List

Since Dozzzer can fade out the system volume and stop third party apps, I’ve added handy shortcuts to some better known audio apps right from the external music screen.

Going Forward

Last year I tried – and failed – doing large, completely planned out feature updates. I’ve given up on that by the middle of the year and changed my approach. I’m no longer working at one update at a time (I spend a long time doing just bug fix updates, and putting off working on new features until all the bugs are fixed), instead I’m doing the old main/develop branches and will just release a feature update whenever there’s enough new stuff to make it worth an update. I think this will mean fast, and more, but smaller feature updates for all apps.

Fiery Feeds

The things I want to work for Fiery Feeds are the following, in roughly that order. I’ve already started work on the per feed settings, and I expect to ship it in the next 1-2 months, but I’ve learned not to promise any specific dates in software development.

Per Feed Settings

Ability to set more options on a per feed basis, including sort order, notification settings, number of articles to keep, image caching, and so forth.

Advanced Saved Searches

Advanced saved searches with multiple parameters, think of iTunes’ smart playlists, but for articles, and based on those saved searches, one search per account, that automatically marks articles as read. For example articles older than a specific time or articles containing a specific keyword.

Mac Redesign

I still want to do Mac-first redesign of pretty much the entire app, rewrite the feed and article list based on the lastest APIs, system sidebar, system toolbar, multi selection in the article list, dragging articles to tags to tag them and all the other expected behaviours for macOS apps. This will probably bring some improvements to the iOS as well, but I think the general layout of the iOS app doesn’t need too much change.

  • Drag & Drop
  • Multi selection
  • Browser extension
  • Statusbar icon

I’m not sure there’s really going to be a big 3.0 (even if that would be nice).
I’ll probably ship these features one by one instead, as far as possible, to avoid long stretches of no updates.

Tidur Timers

Live Activities

After adding new widgets, live activities are only the logical next step. After all, Apple’s timer app can do that too.

SwiftUI Rewrite

Tidur has always been the app I try out know technology. First watch app, first time I’ve used Swift, first time CloudKit sync. I want to at the very least re-write the watch app in SwiftUI, and probably bring some SwiftUI into the main app as well. I like the way the widgets look, and I can imagine using this design in the main app too.

Spotlight Search

The idea is to start existing timers right from Spotlight, the way you can start music in the Music app. Might also be interesting for Fiery Feeds, but I think Tidur is a good place to try implementing it first.


Dozzzer is in a pretty good state now, and is not going to require too many changes to the general app.

More Soundscapes + Cover Art

I do plan on to keep adding new soundscapes regularly though. Also having cover art on the now playing screen for each would be pretty neat.

Design Update

Again, I don’t think it needs too much change, but I want to bring back the rounded time dial from pre 4.0 days. Just look how pretty it used to be.


  • Added link to changelog in settings
  • Cleaner timer context menus


  • Fixed preview alert audio not stopping in some cases
  • Fixed newly created timer being reset after manually reordering
  • Fixed timer bars layout in some cases


  • Added Fiery Feeds’ Mastodon support account to the links in about
  • Improved display of feeds from microblogs
  • Delete account from context menu in settings


  • Improved Error 429 handling (Feedly)
  • Improved haptic feedback on swipe in article list [iOS]
  • Potential crash during full text search [macOS]
  • Improved saving the expanded state of folders
  • Potential crash during full text search
  • Fixed potential crash on sending notifications
  • Fixed sorting for some quickly posted twitter threads
  • Hides scrollbars in image viewer


  • Added Marvis Pro, Pocket Casts to player list
  • Added soudscape “Brown Noise”
  • Added soundscape “Stormy Cliffs”


  • Fixed Hawaian Waves
  • Fixed song title color in dark mode


  • Notification warning now includes link to settings
  • Cleaned up timer menu
  • Home Widgets on macOS 12


  • Fixed unlock button in repeating timers
  • Fixed main timer list in watch app
  • Fixed timer title color when editing
  • Issue with exporting only account or only app settings
  • Fixed issue where “Sync Feeds” could not be turned off for iCloud accounts
  • Fixed “Get Pro” button being displayed for subscribers
  • Fixed colors in share extension with fixed theme
  • No longer shows unsupported accounts in share extension
  • Fixed issue that prevented correct image caching
  • Fixed saved searches disappearing on sync

The second feature update of the year. Some overdue features, that have been on my todo list for too long, but with those out of the way, next up will be proper per-feed settings and advanced saved searches.

Also this is the first update where all new code is Swift, and even a few of the existing parts were re-written in Swift. By now it should be stable enough to actually work with it. ;)


The article notifications have gotten a bunch of new features. They can now be grouped by feed in the notification center, include preview images, you can long press them to get a full preview of the article (thanks to the native rendering), and they have mark read/mark starred/quick share options directly from the notification center (or Apple Watch).

There is also a new option to show a notification for a random article every couple of hours. I like to use this to remind me about articles in my somewhat neglected read later queue.

Notifications are only going to get more interesting once proper per-feed settings are available.

iCloud Changes

I’ve removed the ability to have multiple, separate, iCloud based feed and read later accounts. You can now only have one iCloud Feed account and one iCloud Read Later account. This removes the need to “import” the accounts on other devices, because I’ve seen many people having problems with iCloud based accounts because of this.

Additionally, I’ve removed the iCloud based settings backup, in favour of a simple backup file for your settings, which also includes per-feed settings now. You can still save it to iCloud Drive, but you can have multiple versions, and do everything with it, that you can do with files. I love the flexibility of regular files.

These changes took me the longest time – and they aren’t exiting in any way, but at least they’re finally done.

Other Changes

  • Other smaller changes include OPML/HTML List import and export for all accounts, not just local and iCloud based ones.
  • New options for sorting articles in the article list, including by title.
  • Clearer options which elements of the article should be shared.

You can find the full changelog here:

OPML Import and Export

  • It’s now possible to import and export opml files for all accounts
  • OPML Files can be opened directly from Finder
  • Importing OPML Files now displays the progress


  • Article notifications now include the preview image
  • Article notifications can now be grouped by feeds
  • Increased limit to max 100 notificaitons per sync
  • Reads in-app notifications aloud if voiceover is active
  • Mark read or star an article directly for the notification
  • Option to get regular reminders for random articles

Sharing Options

  • Clearer options what’s being shared (url, title, text, image)
  • Clearer options what’s being dragged (url, title, text, image)

Article Sorting

  • Sort articles by title or random
  • Combined group by feed and sort order buttons in article list toolbar

App Settings

  • Import/export app settings & accounts to json files
  • Dropped support for saving/loading app settings to iCloud

iCloud Syncing Changes

  • Only one feed account per iCloud account
  • Only one read later account per iCloud account
  • Reduced support for feed/read accounts to a single account each per iCloud account
  • No need to import the same account to sync, just add a new iCloud feed or read later account on other devices
  • Option to disable feed updates and only download whats new in iCloud (iCloud Feeds)
  • No longer lists the accounts from other devices to import

Other Changes

  • Added separate grouped background to themes
  • Theme files can now be opened directly from Finder
  • Also clears Safari View cookies on clear cookies command
  • Fixed some incorrect menu titles
  • Improved feed list selection logic
  • Improved article list scroll performance
  • Removed the feed/article limit in the free version
  • Added option to clear the app wide caches
  • Fixed double title in sharing elements
  • Fixed fallback colors after deleting the selected theme
  • Changed mark all read keyboard command to cmd+shift+m
  • When deleting or adding an account, the changes are reflected in the main window immediately
  • Fixed installing themes via url scheme
  • Fixed missing items menu [macOS]
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts preview list (long press cmd) [iOS]


  • Option to automatically use pasteboard contents on subscribe
  • Improved restoring window size and position on Ventura [macOS]


  • Scrolling in Log File Viewer
  • Improved native article rendering
  • Fixed San Francisco in legacy rendering


  • Even darker in Dark Mode
  • Modernized the interface
  • New Soundscape: Hawain Waves


  • Playback issue with the soundscapes Wilderness, Rainy Undergrowth and Lush Forrest


  • Home Screen Widgets
  • Lock Screen Widgets
  • Right-click actions on the app icon [macOS]
  • Support for Widgets [macOS]
  • Updated App Icon [macOS]


  • Modernized the app layout [iOS]
  • Quick Timer button by default in toolbar [macOS]